Planned ParentHood Rant

I am not trying to tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body. However, Planned Parenthood was started with evil intent and it seems like it never strayed far from its prime directive. For an organization called planned parenthood they offer not type of family planning services. They steer women to use ineffective contraceptives, Their healthcare services are extremely limited. In fact going to a community clinic is better for women. Planned parenthood needs to go. It needs to be replaced with something that will provide low cost health services to women including abortions. (even though I personally believe abortions shouldn’t be used as a birth control.) Call me a crazy bible thumper but the more I read and see about planned parenthood the more I feel they are more about scamming money from desperate women than actually helping them with something that can be the most traumatic event in their lives. Go ahead curse me out now.

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