The Crotch Shot Radio Show is on a mission, wait wait, a fucking pilgrimage, fuck that. On a fucking movement, that features the loudest spick of Brooknam, Louie Bee Are You animal enough to enter our newly created Forest Of Hate? This is no bullshit radio, Doing Preemptive strikes on bullshit producers. Instead of Operation “Shock and Awe”, we are conducting Operation ” Fuck and you.” No fucking Coalition forces needed. We are live Saturdays and Sundays at 7pm eastern Right here

The name The Crotch Shot Radio is basically a frontal attack on someone’s bigger than you hitting them at the weak spot.

I am a New York City kid of Puerto Rican Descent. Had a very strict christian upbringing. It has help me be able to see the B.S. for what it is. It also made me angry. It made me want to fight.

You will see me coming but you can’t stop me!

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