Coca-Cola promotes anti-white rhetoric, invites backlash

 So replace white with jew black or latino and see how offensive this is ALWAYS PEPS! lol – Louie Bee Coca-Cola Co is facing major backlash after promoting anti-white rhetoric, including demands that they “try to be less white.” Karlyn Borysenko, an organizational psychologist and an activist against critical race theory indoctrination shared images of […]

Why does Daryle Lamont Jenkins not acknowledge his own link to nazis and suspected rapist?

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is a professional internet stalker and slanderer. A person many in antifa follow.  Perpetuating victimhood mentality selling the narrative that everyone who isn’t for socialism, marxism, communism is by default a white supremacist. The type of intellectual dishonesty that you come to expect from those on the left. Aside from the fact […]

Daemon Cins aka Jason Whitney Interview

 #Mer4cedescarrera #jaasonwhitney #relationship I was finally able to get Daemon Cins aka Jason Whitney husband of everyones favorite pornstar Mercedes Carrera to call from jail!I asked him all the important questions you been dying to know. It was very educational check out the book Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What […]