Musilm Ban Rant

The state this world is in with people who are capable of murder, rape, theft and other atrocities; would you just blindly allow someone in your house without first knowing something about them? Then why is it racist or wrong to vet someone who is coming from countries that are known to have terrorist that want to kill us? And Feminist who scream about rape culture, the Middle East is the biggest rape culture in Muslim countries. Go on Newsfilter and look up videos of rape victim being STONED to death because just by being in a space they tempted their attacker praise Allah huh? I WILL BE DAMNED IF ANY OF MY FAMILY WILL HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SOME ASSHOLE FROM THESE COUNTRIES PLAY RAPE GAMES LIKE THESE MIGRANTS HAVE BEEN DOING IN FRANCE AND GERMANY. I SAY HELL NO. Call me a racist I don’t care. What I do care about is the safety of my family. Not all Muslims are Terrorist but all terrorist are Muslim.

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