How to spot a cyber stalker

In this digital age the internet is where you can exchange ideas. Unfortunately it is also free to the mentally ill. They come out of the blue and start stalking you over the net it is called Cyber Stalking. these psychos are called Cyber stalkers. A cyber stalker may be an online stranger or a […]

The State of New York City Politics (made with Spreaker)

Source: The State of New York City Politics With Donny Moss @defeatquinn . We discuss candidate for NYC Mayor Christine Quinn As a fraud Donny Moss is a documentary filmmaker and activist living in New York City. He is the producer and director of the award-winning documentary film BLINDERS, which exposes the […]

Don’t Be That Girl

Oh and telling a person to take responsibility for their decisions is not blaming the victim.Hell I saw a news story were a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader for the has been charged with molesting a 12-year-old boy at a friend’s home in Murfreesboro.A grand jury indicted Elizabeth Leigh Garner this week on charges including sexual battery and solicitation […]