The Stupidity of Raven Williams aka Raven Masterson aka Happyhooker83

Raven Masterson is a Maniac by LouieBee1 Real Name: Raven Nicole Masterson AKA IsisStarr AKA Fiona AKA Raven WilliamsEthnicity: BlackAge: between 28 -31Height: 5ft2 – 5ft4Occupation: Prostitute, Porn Actress, Realty TV Actress, “artist”, TrollHer Facebook: TWITTER: Her YouTube Channels (Please Flag):1. Her Profile:  Raven Masterson is a prostitute and pornographic actor from […]

The Truth About Jesse Ventura

Found this article written youtube account with sources cited. The reason I believe this because a friend I trust who has publically stated on her show that Jesse Ventura is a fraud as well. She knew him personally From September 11, 1969 to September 10, 1975 Jesse Ventura served in the USN attached to […]

Great Men’s Rights Youtube Channels

tjsotomayor – Tommy Sotomayor he is sometime very hilarious sometimes dead ass serious but always so damn truthful about the hypocrisy of western black women.  pinegrove33 – Bernard Chapin of “Chapin’s Inferno- A wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary”. Finds articles showing how women are coddled in western society. Begood4000– James of teaches men about the toxic personalities of narcissistic women who are abusive towards. johntheother – John exposes […]