Open Letter to Atomwaffen

To the Morons of Atomwaffen aka Schwuchtelwaffen

I see your comments on my profile. Especially the ones you bravely delete as soon as you post them. I have to say you guys are really a fine example of the white race. :cough: BULLSHIT :cough:

For a group of people that like to call me low IQ seem to have zero imagination, when it comes to call the niggers I am called.

Screenshot 20211106 105133 YouTube 1
Screenshot 20211106 105133 YouTube 1

The one thing I will never be is afraid of some coward making threats comments online. Mind you, this brave Schwuchtelwaffen deleted this comment almost immediately after posting. Real brave.

Screenshot from 2021 11 21 19 58 38
Screenshot from 2021 11 21 19 58 38

Blaming all your shitty decisions on Blacks, Latinos, and Jews is the White people’s versions of ‘Blacks blaming all their shitty decisions on Whites.

If you’re a degenerate who has no family or girlfriend, you don’t go to the gym and invest in yourself, don’t fix the flaws that’s causing women to turn away from you and instead you just stay on social media posting memes, talking shit about and blaming women and Joos while masturbating to anime porn, drinking beer.

YOU! Did that. YOU made those shitty decisions. YOU lack self-control and self-discipline. Not only that, but you are the degenerate. There are PLENTY of men who work their asses off and SUCCEED, many men have wives, and children, BECAUSE THEY WORKED FOR THEM!

No wonder you faggots hide your faces. I would be ashamed to cry and bitch like you do.

Take accountability for YOUR own actions and degeneracy.

I am a combination of the noble Spaniard, The Brave Taino Indian, and the strong African I am the master race when compared to you inbred cucks that jerk yourselves off in the woods.

I dont see you guys pulling shit in the day where you know youd get your asses kicked by the dangerous coloreds. Lol clowns.

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