The If Kyle Rittenhouse Was Black Argument Is Lazy


On Friday, November 19th Kyle Rittenhouse, was found not guilty with prejudice. This has caused further division in the nation. There already have been many protest to the verdict. The tired claims of white supremacy playing a part ion the verdict are all the rage within BLM.

The Common Arguments are:

  1. If Kyle was black, he wouldn’t have been brought in alive.
  2. If Kyle was black, he wouldn’t be able to use self-defense.
  3. A black child would not be allowed to carry a weapon.

If Kyle was black, he wouldn’t have been brought in alive.

Timothy Simpkins, a Black teen shooter, got 1 day in jail and $75,000 bail, while Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teen, got 2 months in jail and $2 million bail.

18 yr old Timothy George Simpkins shot 4 people at a Texas school & is released 24hrs later with MSM painting a narrative of a “bullied victim”.

17yr old Kyle Rittenhouse shot someone who was about to cave his head in & instantly sent to prison and the MSM painted him a monster.

A black teen alive and well after shooting children. But my white supremacy, right?

If Kyle was black, he wouldn’t be able to use self-defense

Andrew Coffee IV was accused of firing at Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputies during an early morning drug raid at his home back in 2017. Andrew Coffee IV found not guilty on all counts of murder, attempted first degree murder.

His girlfriend, Alteria Woods was caught in the crossfire, shot 10 times and later died. Coffee was charged with the murder of Woods after a grand jury exonerated two law enforcement officers for her death.

Before the case went to the jury’s hand, Coffee took the stand to defend himself — blaming deputies for his girlfriend’s death.

The defense said Coffee was asleep and thought the flash-bang was gunfire so he fired his gun because he thought the was under attack.

“I was trying to protect me and Alteria and I thought I was doing that, but I feel I didn’t protect her. I can’t sleep with that … they killed her,” Coffee said.

So He shoots at cops and got acquitted of it.

A black child would not be allowed to carry a weapon

Armed father-daughter duo march alongside anti-Rittenhouse protesters to protect them

We just do security for different groups. We’re doing a favor for them,” Erick Jordan, 50, told The Post while walking alongside his 16-year-old daughter Jade.

The Jordans said they had been invited by march organizers to protect participants, who numbered about 75 in total. Demonstrators carried signs with messages such as, “The Whole System is Guilty!” and, “Cops and fascists give license to kill in the USA!”

So a Man and his teen daughter are allowed to legally carry their “assault rifles”? OMG! The racism is really preventing black people.

Ahmaud Arbery Received Justice

The three white men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery have been found guilty of murder following his 2020 shooting death in south Georgia, which led to a wave of racial justice protest and a resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US.

Travis McMichael, his father, Greg McMichael, and their neighbour William “Roddie” Bryan were each convicted for murdering Arbery, who was unarmed, after pursuing him in February last year and claiming, without evidence, he had been involved in a spate of burglaries in their neighborhood.

On Wednesday the jury returned unanimous decisions, convicting Travis McMichael, who opened fire on Arbery three times with a pump action shotgun, on all nine counts, including charges of malice and felony murder.

Greg McMichael, who carried a magnum revolver but did not open fire, was convicted on eight of the nine counts including felony murder. Bryan, who pursued Arbery in a separate vehicle and said he was not carrying a firearm, was convicted on six of nine counts, also including the charge of felony murder.

The three men each stood before the judge, Timothy Walmsley, who read the verdicts to the courtroom before remanding the defendants into custody. They face life in prison and will be sentenced at a later date with the court deciding whether any are eligible for parole.

None of the men expressed emotions as the verdicts were read. Marcus Arbery, Ahmaud’s father, was heard shouting in triumph in the courtroom as the first guilty verdict was read, while Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, began weeping as the last guilty verdict was heard.


At the end of the day, They are protesting a white teen who killed white men. This was white on white crime at least. They should ignore this like BLM ignores black on black crime.

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