Let’s Go Brandon Pisses Off The Woke Slacktivist.

The most feared song to ever grace the social media site is a song by rapper Loza Alexander called Let’s Go Brandon. So far it is #28 trending music on YouTube.

The phrase relates to NASCAR racer Brandon Brown.

Brown recently won his first Xfinity race and was interviewed post-race with fans chanting in the stands.

The chants by the fans seem to say  “fuck Joe Biden” in protest of his presidency but the reporter during the interview said the chants said “Let’s go Brandon.’ The interview can be seen below

The song has even become popular on Tik Tik compilation below.

The meme has entered the real world, with chants, signs on resturant marquees, and merchandise. Multiple song.

It appears Tik Tok is threatening to removed the song according to Loza’s tweet

Loza Alexander’s song is 1 billion times catchier than Fuck Donald Trump by the crack head gang. One being shot like an animal via black on black crime. Listen to the song below.

Buy the song on Apple. https://music.apple.com/us/album/lets-go-brandon-extended-version/1591936845?i=1591936850


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