Let’s Go Brandon Pisses Off The Woke Slacktivist.

The most feared song to ever grace the social media site is a song by rapper Loza Alexander called Let’s Go Brandon. So far it is #28 trending music on YouTube. The phrase relates to NASCAR racer Brandon Brown. Brown recently won his first Xfinity race and was interviewed post-race with fans chanting in the […]

Great Men’s Rights Youtube Channels

tjsotomayor – Tommy Sotomayor he is sometime very hilarious sometimes dead ass serious but always so damn truthful about the hypocrisy of western black women.  pinegrove33 – Bernard Chapin of “Chapin’s Inferno- A wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary”. Finds articles showing how women are coddled in western society. Begood4000– James of http://www.menwhoareabused.com teaches men about the toxic personalities of narcissistic women who are abusive towards. johntheother – John exposes […]