Anthony Weiner for Entertainment

The fact that I do not agree with his politics I find Wiener funny as fuck. Everyone is giving him shit and he is throwing it right back. He refuses to quit but more and more shit keeps coming out about him. His wife must look at this mutt and role her eyes all the fucking time to the point she is cross eyed. Like how do you get in trouble and not even get any ass?

For the past few weeks Anthony Weiner has been the source of such delight for me. I mean this guy didn’t cheat on his wife. Well he cheated on his wife 14-year-old-boy-who-popped-his-first-erection-style by sending dick pictures to legal aged chicks who would have kept their mouths shut if Carlos Danger wasn’t a famous politician. So that is the only way he fucked up. So what he is a Internet jacker.  That honestly doesn’t bother me he didn’t send me any cock pics (for the record I wouldn’t mind if Huma Abedin sent me some pics of her allegedly hot Arabic desert bush), so I couldn’t give a shit and I feel anyone who does act like their offended because some straight guy is trying to pic up young legal snatch is full of shit.

He didn’t sleep with anyone outside of his committed relationship. No matter what the media says that is what cheating is. He literally didn’t have sexual relations with those women. Huma hasn’t divorced his ass and if she is stupid enough to start denying her husband sex she is just as stupid as he is. I mean the fact that he is still acting like a teenage Jew who discovered masturbation really tells me about how lousy of a wife Huma is. Look the guy married you I believe it is okay to be a slut with your husband. In fact i respect women who take care of their husbands sexual needs. The motherfucker bought the god damned cow he should get as much milk as he fucking wants. Money bet if Huma was doing the
dance of nine bells and fucking his kosher brains out he wouldn’t be sending shit to no one.

He does have balls running especially when he knows no one will let him live it down.  Last week he had to put with some uppity Jew talking shit to him and he just got up in his face. That just made me respect him more I am like that is a Brooklyn boy zero fucks given. However, at the same time is the biggest pendejo in NYC. I mean you are caught sexing to a chick who is a 6 at best. The funny part about that is that Sydney Leathers might have caught HIV while trying to cash in.
At the end of the day who did he hurt. Did he make a slush fund Christine Quinn? He didn’t fuck so he didn’t cheat on his wife. He is just a putz and let just vote third party anyways. I hope he continues to stalk the roof tops of the Internets as the jacker superhero Carlos danger making the forums unsafe for attention whores!

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