THC laced candies being sold on the streets of brooklyn

by Louie Bee 
September 9, 2013
While I was walking around my neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn I saw this fan in the picture on top selling weed flavored candies. I thought that it was artificially flavored but when i asked the “sales associates” they told me they have THC in them. Needless to say my mind was blown. For those of you probably know that NYC is a very strict city. You need a license to take a shit in this city it is so uptight. When I asked them how have they not been arrested I was told that they were only arrested for not having a vendor’s permit to set up shop on the street. 
They told me they deliver and also have brownies and cookies! We are in the final days of prohibition but I think they will be shut down soon.
Judah Izsraael activist and co-owner of Weed World Candies said, Marijuana has had a bad rap for too many years, man,” Izsraael claims his candies contain only a small, yet legal, amount of THC
Some reports say this is fake. So either they are lying to the media so they wont get caught or lying to regular people to sell lollipops. I personally couldn’t take the chance because they do random drug testing at my job. I hope this is a sign that we are heading out of pot prohibition!

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