Taxation is keeping me from getting a haircut!

Yeah you read the title right. Taxation is the reason I couldn’t get my haircut today. Taxes cause people to not want to work. Taxes cause businesses to not try to practice customer service. Taxes cause laziness. Why you ask? It is because the harder you work the more you earn the more you have to surrender to the lazy ass good for nothing government. That includes City, State, and, Federal.

I went to get a haircut today because I am wolfing out and I hate long hair. So I went to my regular barber but he was so packed I couldn’t wait because, I had an orientation to go to for school. So I went to my #2 guy. I knew it would be a long shot since he doesn’t usually work many days because he once told me he didn’t want to make more money because he would have to surrender it to the government. So he would rather work less so he doesn’t have to pay the state more.

Sure enough he was closed he only works 3 a week. The state doesn’t pay his electrical bill or for any of his supplies that he pays sales taxes on as well. It really doesn’t pay to bust your ass in this county especially when the government dips their beak every fucking step of the way. When a business buys supplies to conduct business there is a tax, Then they pay rent because the land owner pays a tax on land he owns, They money a business makes is taxed.

New York is one of the worse places for business in all 50 states.

“One of the biggest hindrances to New York’s score is the progressive and high individual income tax,” said the Tax Foundation’s Scott Drenkard. “It is pretty high for the region and certainly high against the rest of the country.”  Drenkard said high property taxes also add to the unfriendly business climate. – NY Daily News

New York’s 2010 tax burden of 12.77% ranks highest out of 50 states, and is above the national average of 9.9%. New York’s taxpayers pay $6375 per capita in state and local taxes. –

Sales tax in NYC is 8.875%. and is broken down like this  4.5% in addition to the state sales tax of 4% and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) surcharge of 0.375%.

Opie and Anthony had a heavy discussion about taxation in this country.

Taxes really are totally fucked lets list the taxes we pay here in NYC:

  1. State Income tax
  2. City Income tax
  3. Federal Income tax
  4. NYC sales tax
  5. property tax (part of the reason rent is too damn high)
  6. MTA transit tax (on top of the 2.50 per ride fare!)
I mean it surprises me NYC isn’t bombed out like Detroit. people are leaving in droves. And workers are not trying to work because they do not keep what they earn and because of Obama care will screw us. Even if you earn minimum wage you are fucking leeched off of in this state. It is no secret the only way to make it is to be a fucking slut with tons of illegitimate kids or an ex-con fresh out of jail. 
If it continues like this I might end up looking like a fucking wookie

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