my truth about the world

This world is crap! And we deserve to all die in Armageddon. Let’s break this down

Race, Gender, Politics, and Religion are all about that tit for tat garbage.

There is no rape culture, everyone knows that rape is not okay, I do not have the power to stop psychos from doing anything, but that doesn’t mean I won’t attack them if I see them. I should have the right to defend myself and my family any way I see fit within reason, women are not property, women should not be marginalized, Men are not disposable, Fathers and Mothers are both equally necessary, just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you are the morality police with the power to push your beliefs on anyone else. If it wasn’t for my Mother being a smart mouth and my father being a loud mouth I couldn’t tell someone to go to hell so easily and fearlessly. If it wasn’t for both my parents showing me love and how to love I couldnt give it so freely.

There is no such place as hell. It is stupid for a loving god to punish a human forever when we live to 80+ years.

Who gives a flying jump at a rolling doughnut if you Asian, Middle eastern, latin, black or white. We are not different species so there is no such thing as race. So being sensitive when someone says nigger on tv is no big deal.

Republicans and Democrats are a bunch of lying rich scumbags that wont save you. This country is easy to fix. To hell with them both. Bush + Obama + Clinton + Bush = all products of satan. Man will rule man to his own injury. Save yourselves and prepare.

Why do we hate Jews? Jesus was one. Why Do we hate Muslims? They Love Jesus and call him a brother. Why do we hate christianity? They view Jesus as King. WHO CARES WHAT YOU BELIEVE? Just don’t weaponize it to hurt others who don’t subscribe to you.

Gay Pride Straight pride Bi Pride….Why do you have to advertise who you like to have sex with?

Ignorance and stupidity are valued over trying to understand the universe so much so that anyone who tries to talk about something real they are looked at as creepy.

I have filmed 3 videos of lines in front sneaker stores of people waiting to buy the same Jordans sneakers in different colors like there were getting access to Heaven and meeting Jesus to receive enlightenment.

Remember that dust we are and dust we all return to being. Stop being so damned proud.

Hate is a waste of time. Just remember Don’t kill, Dont steal, Don’t be rude butt. Everything else mind your own beeswax.

It isnt enough to pay it forward you have to recognize evil and fight it. Bad things thrive in lazy environments.

and If anything I wrote here offended you bite me!

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