You can End Infighting by helping the CLC

By SleepySalsa (

Constitutionalists have turned infighting into an art form. It has gotten so bad to the point that those within the Patriot community have been slandered, libeled, and defamed by those very folks who claim to pursue the same ends that the other patriot does. The real problem with internal balkanization is that by mentioning any particular instances of it, you inadvertently perpetuate it. This is because an individual (even one who is not party to a dispute and refuses to take sides) will be accused by followers of one of the disputed parties to be “secretly” siding with one against the other. The only real way around this is to have an objective third party arbitrator whose procedures and rulings are agreed to by the contending parties in the attempt to finally put the dispute to rest.

Volunteers are always needed for the CoS-CLC. Every role from judges, to jurors, to grand jurors need people with which to fill them. This necessarily requires teamwork, so every political dissident who sincerely believes in self-government should take it seriously by practicing what they preach through volunteering for the CoS-CLC in order to work productively with others to provide remedy for those who have been harmed.

You can learn more about the Committee of Safety – Common Law Court, and volunteer to serve, over @ If you are interested in how the CLC works procedurally, then feel free to watch the CoS-CLC recruiting video; should you desire more precise details, that this available at the Court’s website.

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