White Supremacist Sissies Are Big Mad

scrnli 5 27 2021 12 02 15 2BAM

A White Supremacist hate when I make a video exposing how moronic they are. An Asshat named “SS hit Squad #2” on Youtube commented and then deleted his comments and my replies from my video Atomwaffen Retard is Retarded watch it here

Then I made this epic response in my personal opinion.

The fact of the matter is you don’t live in reality. You guys don’t confront us coloreds in our cities. You just play grab ass in the woods punching each other. I have never ever seen a real white nationalist or supremacist in real life. You guys just stay in your little backwood towns where they tolerate your meth headedness. Because even most places in the south are just sick of your shit. Isn’t that why the #1 porn y’all watch is interracial cuck porn? You would love to jerk your little meat to me pleasuring your wife/sister/cousin (who all the same person btw) and then do what you can’t and get her pregnant with my baby. But don’t worry I won’t abandon her. I will marry you all christian like and give her a great life of love and respect a lot more than your dusty river rat loser that is probably going to die of a opioid overdose. You need to apologize to Brown Jesus

Bottom line white supremacist are just like antifa a bunch of butthurt larping wannabe authoritarian cowards that both need to be fought and shut down and their ideas exposed as idiotic.
Antifa and White Supremacist are crackheads

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