Where are the heroes?

As I was reading articles about the Batman Movie Theater Shooting in Aurora, Colorado. This thought hit m
e. There is a saying good is defined by evil and evil is defined by good.  My thought was if James Holmes dressed like the joker and was an agent of evil then, WHERE WERE THE BATMEN TO STAND UP AND STOP HIM. WHERE ARE THE HEROES. LIKE IF YOU THINK IT IS TIME TO STRIKE BACK AGAINST EVIL? You would think that the natural order of things would provide a balance.

Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones Stops Assault from Ryan McNamee on Vimeo.

The Shadow Hare

The time has come for real heros to rise and protect us. I think all the boys in us that wants to change the world needs to start doning a mask and fighting the darkness.
I mean I heard of real people puting on mask like Shadow Hare in Cincinnati, Ohio and Phoenix Jones from Seattle, Washington. I think there should be more vigilantes. It makes sense we cant rely on the the government to protect us and be there.

So the question is who is going to step up all these tough talkers that say that they are warriors? Suit up and go fight the darkness.

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