When Victimhood Ruins Comedy

So at the open mic I was at on Friday June 12, Dion Bailey Jr. starts off this joke by saying its only for the guys. A female comic by the name Kara Buller (https://www.facebook.com/kara.buller)decides it’s time to fuck this guy’s set up by making a scene and walking out in the most dramatic and disruptive way possible. 

Kara Buller then comes back and says “you’re black you should know better”. Then grabs her shit flips off the comic and bounces again. Kara Buller then comes back sees its me then bounces immediately saying how she is going to go kill herself. 

 At an open mic people are working on their style trying discover their voice which means anything and everything and in every use of language will be used. But her immature bullshit way to silence someones art is basically why Jerry Seinfeld was talking about. 

This is the video of the first incident. It Starts at 2:04 of the video

This was my response to Kara Buller’s bullshit when she came back to see me.

When I got home that night I found Kara Buller’s Facebook and wrote her a little note of encouragement:

Really Good job tonight. I mean that. You acted like a spoiled child. OVER FUCKING JOKES. While you were crying and carrying on, did you know that the 8 talibani men that shot Malala Yousafzai were acquitted? Which I feel is a real issue surrounding women who really live in a society where women are treated like shit. But okay go tell someone to fuck off over a joke. They way you reacted over my set the last time btw to be honest the what the fuck addition really spiced up my joke. I was actually wasn’t going to do any women bashing material but of course your irrational outburst and the way you tried to chastise another comedian for Jokes Fuck you honestly. You better not be acting like a victim and you better not have been serious about committing suicide or I swear I will go to your funeral and talk so much shit I Promise you I will. Shame on you. Shame on you. You don’t know what experiences I went through to make me have to make a joke about them or anyone else but when you go into a room like that at least have respect for everyones set like we had for you. Fucking drama queen bullshit acting like we were treating you like a piece of meet. I mean shit. Grow up.

 Kara has not replied but she has seen it but fuck her. She is the reason why female comics are barely respected.

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