What Would happen if White guilt ended?

Hey Guys, Louie Bee Here as a Libertarian I am for equality and for nonintervention of private citizens lives aka minding my own damn business.

With that in mind I had this thought since race always comes into play in politics. Especially when it comes to Black and White race relations. We also hear about white guilt. But what is white guilt. White Guilt is the individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by some white people for the racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically and presently.

Slavery Ended 149 years ago in the United States so it is safe to say that any whites living today owned a slave nor did any black beaten to work a plantation. And the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed major forms of discrimination against African Americans and women, including racial segregation. There is a black man in office. One of the richest people in america is a black woman. You have a blacks only scholarship fund.

Yes there is still racism in america but how can you hold a whole group of people responsible for what a few do. White people if you never called a black man a nigger or owned slaves you dont have anything to be guilty of.

White people have tried to distance themselves from being racist that they have allowed there to be segregated clubs, fraternities and sororities and etc; that cater only to black and whites stay shut about it.

So, what would happen if White guilt ended? This is what I think will happen:

White will be free to get pissed at black people for the violence put upon them.

2 years ago an Old white man is trying to be the bigger man and make responsible decisions when the black guy just keeps running his mouth about some shoe shinning. Eventually after multiple threats about beating up the white guy, the white guy says one thing about slapping the black man. The black man then hits the white guy, which then the white man beat down the black guy.

The funniest thing happened after this though. No one called the old white man a racist. In fact the praised this white man for defending himself from the rude black man.

The next thing will be that people will be able to freely point out hypocracy.

Bad Racist?

Good Racist?

Racism is racism no matter what color and it should be exposed and shamed as with any other type of divisive  belief.

In an article called RACE – The Power of an Illusion –http://newsreel.org/guides/race/pressreleasecredit.htm
“What if we suddenly discovered that our most basic assumption about race – for instance, that the world’s people can be divided biologically along racial lines – was false? And if race is a biological “myth,” where did the idea come from? How do our institutions give race social meaning and power by advantaging white people?

These are just a few of the questions raised by Race – The Power of an Illusion, California Newsreel’s provocative new PBS series produced in association with ITVS. It is the first documentary series to scrutinize the very idea of race through the distinct lenses of science, history and our social institutions. The series is narrated by CCH Pounder (The Shield). By asking, “What is this thing called ‘race’?” a question so basic it is rarely raised, Race – The Power of an Illusion challenges some of our most deeply held beliefs.

Ethnic cleansing, affirmative action battles, immigration restrictions – all place race at center stage in contemporary life. Race is so fundamental to discussions of poverty, education, crime, music, and sports that, whether we are racist or anti-racist, we rarely question its reality.

Yet recent scientific evidence suggests that the idea of race is a biological myth, as outdated as the widely held medieval belief that the sun revolved around the earth. Anthropologists, biologists and geneticists have increasingly found that, biologically speaking; there is no such thing as “race.” Modern science is decoding the genetic puzzle of DNA and human variation – and finding that skin color really is only skin deep. “

You mean we are all the same which mean all this racism is just some sick joke and that we been dying and killing and discriminating over nothing? You mean that we can treat each other the same? LOL You fools that hate based on color. And felt guilty for the acts of others. Guess what no matter what if you hate someone based on the content of thier character or if you act because you believe that’s how you should act based on color then your a moron.

What would happen if white guilt ended blacks and white will be forced to become equals.

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