What The Fuck Do I have to do?

These is what goes through my head whenever I get rejected and or Friend zoned.

What the fuck do I have to do? To make you mine.
What do you want from me? To get you to love me.
What am I missing? That is keeping you from me.
Why am I am only good enough to be your eunuch?
How can you ask of me for anything when you are not giving me anything in return?
Why do you make me hope only to take it away? 
I try, I try I try and I try and I still can’t crack your code.
Why do you feel like I failed you?
Why can’t I just move on?
Why does the thought of you torment me?
Why do I fear you’ll meet someone better than me?
Why do I hate the thought about you being happy with someone else?
What is it why was I passed over for the promotion from friend to lover?
Why am I demonized for finding you sexually attractive like that is all I want from you?

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