The Tragic Kidnapping and Murder of Four Black Americans

Demanding Justice and Accountability in Mexico

It is unacceptable to ignore the sorrow of the recent kidnapping and murder of four African Americans, two of whom perished at the hands of these heinous criminals. It is made worse by the Mexican government’s apathy and collaboration in enabling these cartels to operate freely.

The victims were taken hostage while in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which is notorious for cartel violence and corruption, according to recent reporting from CNN. The victims, who were all from Texas, were supposedly being kidnapped while traveling to Mexico to attend a funeral. Although the incident is the subject of an inquiry by the Mexican government, it is uncertain whether justice will be done.

The Mexican government has been plagued by corruption and ties to drug gangs for a very long time, which is a terrible fact. It is nearly impossible for law enforcement to take action against the cartels because they have penetrated every level of the government, from local police departments to high-ranking politicians. Because of the culture of impunity that has resulted, cartels may operate without worrying about facing repercussions.

Unbelievably, some Mexican Americans are allegedly cheering the victims’ deaths. This is a reprehensible act of racism and hatred that needs to be denounced as strongly as possible. It serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive prejudice that still permeates our culture and the pressing need for more aggressive measures to combat it.

As a society, we must insist that Mexico’s government take more aggressive measures to fight corruption and break up drug gangs. As we demand justice for those who lost their lives, we must also stand in solidarity with the relatives of the victims. The mindless bloodshed and corruption that have afflicted Mexico for far too long must end.

We must also ask the question where is Black Lives Matter in this situation. The murders were nothing short of racism. In recent days the BLM organization has been very quiet on this issue. 4 innocent black Americans are kidnapped, tortured, and murdered and there are no marches? No vigils in front of the Mexican consulate? Demanding Mexican American Politicians take a stand against their motherland? What the actual fuck!

The kidnapping and murder of four Black Americans by a Mexican drug cartel is a tragedy that must not be forgotten. We must condemn the actions of the cartels and demand accountability from the Mexican government. We must also stand with the families of the victims and call for justice. It is time to put an end to the violence and corruption that have plagued Mexico for far too long. In short Trump was right BUILD THE FUCKING WALL!



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