The problematic life of Luis Marquez


 Luis Enrique Marquez, 47, has been arrested & charged numerous times at antifa riots in the Portland-area. As one of the most active members of Rose City Antifa, Marquez has been recorded violently confronting people.

He is a major coward he loves spitting on people and then run and hide behind someone. As shown in this video

“1-20-2018 Portland Oregon, on the first anniversary of the inauguration of President Trump, the SJW crowd gets their panties in a bunch and march in downtown shouting phrases, flashing signs, and making a racket, viewers of my videos are very familiar with the agitator Luis pumpkinman snaggletooth he is there trying to start fights, we point him out to the police standing near to prevent a problem but the officer lets him continue, if ANTIFA is trying to win hearts and minds, this is not the way to do it, marchers were telling him to knock it off but his hatred overcomes common decency.”- Leo Stratton

He advocates for violence as only a coward that knows he will be safe far away from the action could.
” The only time we are heard is when WE burn shit to the ground- Luis Marquez Stunning and brave this race card pulling loser is.

Not only is he the picture of the “tolerant left” he is also allegedly drunk on power. He was accused of being problematic with women.

Last summer Portland Protest Organizer Lilith Sinclair accused Luis Marquez of abusing women on her now defunct twitter account when she posted this meme with these tweets

Against my better judgement I’m gonna post screenshots and address this piece by piece…

Most of this is true, albeit in a fairly self glorifying way. Everyone was asked to participate in the safety of the ICE occupation. Particularly femmes and BIPOC –
I was standing there when it went down, Lilith was asked (on the 2nd day after they showed up and started to be very involved in the organizing) if they had anyone to vouch for them. The only one there that new them was an old coworker, who vouched and then later retracted.
They were also asked about their name and previous activism. Literally all things that I’ve been asked and that I’ve asked people while vetting for organizing.

Reposting this one because it is such bullshit…
1) there was no doxxing, that’s when your personal info is given out not your fucking name
2) saying that he escalated you anarchists takes away agency from those that do anything, and I have seen Luis do the opposite many times

read more here

Luis Marquez is a creep if you listen to the podcast he does with fellow anitfa member such as antifash Gordon he creeps on his female cohost Jung. He screams her name even when she has nothing to add to the conversation. It is obvious that he has a crush and that everyone in the room knows it. JUNG RUN and never accept a drink from him. He acts like he wants to wear her skin. It scares me and i really couldnt care less but damn call your brothers and male couisins to deal with mexican Jeffery dahmer over there.

Well this is further hypocrisy from member of antifa who are in leadership rales they glorify violence and being innappriopriate towards women they calim to be allies towards. when in reality its just a way to get a fake position of power over them. it is sick

Antifa is the real threat to everyone it is the real neo fascist ideology. 

Update 2/28/2021 

This thought just hit me this morning. Luis Marquez, 48 has been arrested many times and never seems to be charged with felonies only misdemeanors and never is punished. It is as if he is being protected by the system. My question is this then. What does he offer the establishment in return for not being thrown in jail? Many Proud Boys are in jail for simply defending themselves from attacks he has started. I suspect that Luis Marquez is a paid informant. which is why he is so bold in his crimes and just disrespecting everyone’s rights including people on his own side. He has to be Cointelpro.

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