The Mysteries of Women

In all my short years of dating I have encountered many types of women; either whom I dated or who were platonic friends. It just seems many women have many of the same characteristics. These characteristics always inspire the same questions. Why is she being so damn mysterious and at the same time expecting me to understand her? What caused her to flip the “bitch” switch so suddenly? Why be my friend if you are just going to drop me as soon as you find a man? Why aren’t I good enough to be your man to begin with? Why play games? Why is there a double standard? They want so much out of a guy even though they are willing to give up nothing.
            Most women act so mysterious. They will all of a sudden change their behavior and act snippy toward there boyfriend or husband. If treating them like crap isn’t enough you ladies will expect us to know why you are pissed off. And if we try to make you feel better you will snap at us and yell at us like we are children. You ladies stay quiet it get frustrating. Yet if we did that to you, you girls will be crying or calling your brother or any male you know to come kick our ass. Ladies we guys are not psychics we are not Mel Gibson from “what women want” in fact Mel Gibson is not Mel Gibson from “what women want”.  Most guys if approached in a non argumentative way will listen and fix whatever is pissing you off. Most guys want to make you ladies happy just give us the info.
            What is with the bad boy fantasy that you broads have? So let me get this right, you ladies will dump a man who treats you right; and get with a guy who will treat you like a slut or just couldn’t give a shit about you. Okay that makes sense. In my example I was with a girl who I cared about and treated very well and I would take her out and show her a good time. Then after a month of going out she started acting like a bitch towards me and she wouldn’t tell me why. I didn’t know what the change was till I went to visit her in her apartment and I caught her blowing her ex-boyfriend who happened to be a drug dealer and who cheated on her; but her she was on her knees sucking him off. Then she called me that same day saying it was my fault; when I asked how that it was my fault she couldn’t tell me it was a secret. And it wasn’t for penis size at least lol.
            I truly believe men and women can’t just be friends cause mainly because women are both inconsiderate and irrational. A girl can be your best friend for years but as fast as you flip a light switch they turn into your biggest enemy. Worse of all they know all the shit you confide in them; so when they decide to have a bad day they will throw all your shit in your face. Sometimes instead of telling you they don’t want you calling them anymore most women will bitch out and curse out guys who would take a bullet for them. It usually happens when she finds a boyfriend because no woman can abuse two men at once lol. I mean why be mean just say that you can’t be our friends anymore for whatever stupid reason.
            You ladies call us pigs but you’re the ones that cheat the most. And it is said that a woman cheats because she is not getting something at home. I can tell you and watch any Maury show episode women cheat because they want their cake and eat it to. Women want honesty but they are the biggest liars. I mean it is not bad enough that when they fuck up its still our fault but when we divorce them the get half our shit. That’s not even mentioning if we have bastards with them and pay child support for 21 years. I mean that money is to be used to support the kids NOT FOR HER TO BUY GOD DAMN LOUIS VITTON PURSES AND SUPPORT HER CRACK HEADED BOYFRIEND.          
            When it comes down to it women want it all in every type of relationship. But they don’t want to risk anything. Even if you make it risk free they are still not happy. I mean damn women are never happy. They want a tall guy that’s 10 feet taller than them; or they want a guy with money but they get mad if he “WORKS TOO MUCH!”  The stupidest thing I hear is that they want a guy with a huge dick but they get mad if it hurts there womb cause their pussies couldn’t handle it.
            It just comes down that all women are cunts and they should all just shut up and suck a dick and take it up every hole. I say end the women’s suffrage. We men should just wear condoms and fuck them and leave them. They keep pushing it its no wonder certain men beat them. They inspire us men to revolt. I say gentlemen lets just knock them down a peg or too and take back the definition of manhood sex (with women), sports, AND GOING TO STRIP CLUBS.

3 thoughts on “The Mysteries of Women

  1. No I was born straight so that wont work. Only women can choose to be gay or straight as the wind blows. But come to think of it you are not saying I am wrong but you are telling me to turn gay because obviously either put up with their bullshit or become gay is a fucked up argument.

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