The Experiment is over

For the past few days I have been dealing with accusations of having The Experiment Comedy Gallery shut down. I have no involvement in any of the events that led to the closure of that or any other venue. I have no ties to any groups advocating for the closure of any venue. I have not called on any of my 3000 Twitter followers or any independent third parties to troll anybody involved in the situation.

Any allegations of such are baseless and slanderous conjecture and libelous conspiracy theory. This conspiracy theory is rooted in a Facebook argument where I was critiquing Mr. Mo Fathelbab’s preferred brand of comedy as well as being realistically critical of his business model of constant crowd funding. I may have touched a nerve when I demonstrated his longstanding inability to viably run a business.
Mr. Mo Fathelbab needs to blame me. Not the fact that he’s so attention hungry to publicize “The Fuck Donald Trump Comedy Marathon” event, that is antagonistic to 60 plus million Americans. Not the fact that he was literally operating out of a potential death trap. Mr. Mo Fathelbab needs a scapegoat to mask his inadequacies as a businessman.
I have NEVER been inside his second venue. I am not versed in any aspects of the NYC fire code. While it may be construed that I had the motivation due to long-standing disagreement with Mr. Mo Fathelbab, I did not have the procedural knowledge or knowledge of any construction of fire hazards at the venue. Any links to me are tenuous at best and purely conjecture.
Due to these baseless accusations, I have been the target of online harassment by friends of Mr. Mo Fathelbab. I have been targeted for swatting and doxxing, in addition to calls for physical violence against me. I have the screenshots to prove this.
In the event of any physical violence towards me or my family, I will defend myself vigorously. Perpetrators of any crimes will be brought to Justice, and I have very strong inclination towards civil actions against any party even tangentially tied to them.
It has now come out that the SJW owner Mo Fathelbab date raped a female comic. I have a screenshot of her facebook post. It is ironic because he banned me because my jokes were misogynistic. This is the total SJW political correct bullshit comics of a differing political belief have to deal with.
Here are some article written about it:
I did an interview for The Ralph Retort about Mo Fathelbab:

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