The Death Of Jordan Neely And safety on the subway.

On the international workers Day May 1st instead of celebrating and trying to bring on a socialist Utopia. A death happened on the subway yet again. This time a homeless man with mental issues was choked to death.

Now since he was black, people are rallying to demand “Justice” for Jordan Neely.

This is yet another fucking example of woke slacktivism. Of course they’re blaming the police for not arresting him and immediately imprisoning him even before he gets a day in court. Before he was even officially charged. They are demanding that a former Marine (since they don’t have his name yet apparently).

My question is where were these Johnny come latelys when there are actual mentally unstable people that ride the subway that push people into the tracks that have bash people with fucking bricks. Why is it that we allow certain people to do bad things because they happen to have a certain abnormality in the brain?

I’ve seen this on the train time and time again these people who are mentally ill are very aggressive. You don’t know what they’re going to do. You don’t know if they have a weapon. You don’t know if they’re going to start beating someone.

And if he’s darting back and forth side to side on the train that he got close to someone that’s charging. You can’t charge at someone especially if you having aggressive tone or aggressive stance or aggressive body language. If someone were to come up to me in an aggressive manner I will be ready to defend myself because you can’t allow someone to get close.

I of course blame Eric Adams. He has allowed this to happen. If I were him I would have been doing what Giuliani did back in the ’90s. I would have started a hiring campaign and done a troop build up. I would beef up police presence on the train. I would beef up homeless services to get people off the train get people not sleeping in stations getting them actual mental help.

Yes I know they have civil rights but when they become a danger to others we need to do something to medicate them to get them the actual help they fucking need.

Just because someone is disabled or weaker does not give them the right to be a fucking menace. It does not give them the right or a pass to cause harm to others. I’m sorry this man had to lose his life. But his family should have did something before they should have contacted the police get the city involved to actually get this man the medication he needs. I’m sorry his mother died in a murder and that affected his head I I could sympathize with that. But he has been known to assault people yeah those people couldn’t have known that but there’s already a history of him assaulting people.

We really need to do something about homelessness in this city. We need to do something about mental illness in this country. But of course Democrats and Republicans are going to just fucking argue about who’s not doing what and or giving themselves a fucking pat on the back and done Jack shit to fix the issue but throw money at it and get somebody rich.

We really need to get profit out of the homeless industrial complex. If there’s a way for someone to make a buck you’re not going to solve homelessness. I’m talking about the CEOs the program managers. If someone could draw a huge check you’re not going to end homelessness. Being on the streets could affect someone’s mental health.

Jordan Neely had schizophrenia depression and PTSD from his mother’s death. He was a ticking time bomb. No I’m not saying he deserve to die. But the former Marine does not deserve to go to jail. Protect against enemies foreign and domestic.

But I’m sorry just because you’re less fortunate does not give you the right to attack anyone else in violence.

With all that rest in peace Jordan Neely. He is no longer in pain. I blame Eric Adams for this. Instead of going to all these fucking clubs these galas and whatnot maybe do your mother fucking job and help fix this city. If I could quote arrow, ” You have failed this city “.

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