8 thoughts on “The Crotch Shot Radio Show LIVE: Do Looks Matter? Mr Locario Vs FACEandLMS 9/5 10pm

  1. Locario sounds like a good looking dude who gets lucky and has a lot of advice… ok:) Looks matter, as always. Unfortunately, he did not have anyone intelligent (FACEandLMS) to debate with.

  2. Woah… did this guy state that Hollywood arranges marriages among celebrities to sell stuff? For image-sake??…. I believe it!!

  3. At least this guy is somewhat realistic, as far as rejection can happen, which many of these PUA goof-balls state game and confidence will get any hot woman they want. P.S. Where is FACEandLMS? Is he going to talk too, later?…

  4. Haha… I'm the Lone Poster on here!! I thought this was where to go to join the discussion of the interview…. Hahahaa… let it be known guys like me with ADHD can have trouble with women too… but looks still matter… oh my….

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