The Communist party of Great Britain Calls out Antifa!

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The Communist Party of Great Britain has criticized the labeling  of the patriots who protested at the capital on January 6 . They talk about how Antifa groups and other leftist organizations have forsaken the workers they say they support. Ignored their needs and just dismissed them as nazis and thus pushing them to the right.

Those were the four protestors who died on 6 January. In the rush of the so-called Marxists to elevate every political opponent to the level of Hitler, the actual violence of the state has taken a back seat to the threatened violence (and minor hooliganism) of a tiny number amongst the motley coalition of miscreants who turned over tables and chairs and [gallivanted] about in the corridors of power for one brief afternoon.

Clearly these misled working-class individuals, rather than being the exception, are, in all likelihood, just the sort of people in general who turned up at the Capitol Hill and have subsequently been so readily dismissed as a ‘fascist mob’.

If communists, socialists and Marxists are unable to organise factory workers and proletarians downtrodden by a corrupt and failing social and economic system, don’t be surprised if right-wing populism does. For our own part, Marxist-Leninists in Britain cannot claim to have succeeded in organising the mass of workers for anything, let alone proletarian revolution and socialism, but we are setting about that work in earnest despite accusations by other leftists of being “red-brown”, “reactionary”, “fascist”, etc.

…  We must reject the madness that brings those ascribing to Marxism to label an entire body of politically-ignorant workers as ‘fascist’ and make such ludicrous calls to arms as this one:

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This article proves that there is nothing for us in communism. Groups like antifa only care about some imaginary social justice and not fixing any actual problems that would require real work toi fix. Especially seeing how the USSR collasped without so much as a bullet fired. Under Trump we weree digging ourselves out of a hole. While all leftist can do is dig us deeper and enslave us to some bullshit rhetoric when they don’t care about minorities immigrants women or the working class. they are just pawns to use to bring on drakonian communist systems that will kill more people and never bring about the marcist utopia the preach.  

We are witnessing more infighting amongst the leftist communist marxist leninist.  All we have to do is watch and wait and groups like Antifa, black bloc and other leftist communsit organizations will crumble.

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