The Common Law Court Indicts Luke Rudkowski

The Common Law Court Indicts Luke Rudkowski of Fraud, Embezzlement, Libel, and Extortion. I have for many years with the help of others been trying to show the 9/11 truth movement that one of their “rockstars” is a fraud. However many truthers refused to look at the evidence I provided. This is because to even question one of your “rockstars” makes you cointelpro.

Luke, someone who has not advanced the movement one freaking inch. So I tried to make videos show the records and still you refused. Then a friend told me about the Common law court. I for years tried Luke Via the court of public opinion. Yet fanboys and just plain assholes just dismissed it as me being jealous of Lukes Success.

People that just knew Luke because he knows how to put together videos with nice graphics on youtube. However, The CLC never heard of Luke. So proving Luke was a fraud was that much harder because I had to first go through the history of WeAreChange and Luke and the personal shit and why they should hear the case. I also had to prove beyond all doubt that Luke is a Thief and a fraud. I provided Emails and recorded and photos.

It took three long months and Luke had to do is basically put up a defense and Luke just didn’t care because he thinks you will still give him money. I am not asking you to give it to me. FUND YOUR OWN ACTIVISM. Stop leaving it up to someone else to do. because you will create more frauds just looking to get rich and not make a difference.

 Please read this report

Or here is the direct link

May this be the end of Lukes Fraud and let real activism and personal responsibility begin!!

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