Stupid Girl Responds to Currency Of Attraction Article

In response to my article The Currency Of Attraction that I posted on craigslist (read it here); I received an email from a Jenna Thompson ( The following is the back and forth email debate: Jenna Thompson: Fuck You Louie Bee: Truth Hurts Don’t It Jenna Thompson: sorry Louie. It’s not the truth! Jerk! Louie Bee: Yes […]

Great Men’s Rights Youtube Channels

tjsotomayor – Tommy Sotomayor he is sometime very hilarious sometimes dead ass serious but always so damn truthful about the hypocrisy of western black women.  pinegrove33 – Bernard Chapin of “Chapin’s Inferno- A wandering cauldron of politically incorrect commentary”. Finds articles showing how women are coddled in western society. Begood4000– James of teaches men about the toxic personalities of narcissistic women who are abusive towards. johntheother – John exposes […]