Don’t Do business with False Rape Accuser Cathy Tretola in Quincy Massachusetts

Louie Bee September 5th, 2012 I love how women use false allegations as a way to even the odds (sarcasm). This is what a real woman is this is the feminine energy I have to bow down to correct? For me to even fucking question this is evidence of my misogyny? I mean how fucking evil […]

Stupid Girl Responds to Currency Of Attraction Article

In response to my article The Currency Of Attraction that I posted on craigslist (read it here); I received an email from a Jenna Thompson ( The following is the back and forth email debate: Jenna Thompson: Fuck You Louie Bee: Truth Hurts Don’t It Jenna Thompson: sorry Louie. It’s not the truth! Jerk! Louie Bee: Yes […]