Brooklyn threesome killer: I threw my life away for ‘f—ing lie’

Check out this article This is why i tell young guys fuck that relationship shit. Fuck finding a girlfriend. Look where it lands you. Like chris brown sings these hoe ain’t loyal. You dont have to worry about getting cheated on if you are not in a relationship. You want to be the guys […]

Don’t Be That Girl

Oh and telling a person to take responsibility for their decisions is not blaming the victim.Hell I saw a news story were a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader for the has been charged with molesting a 12-year-old boy at a friend’s home in Murfreesboro.A grand jury indicted Elizabeth Leigh Garner this week on charges including sexual battery and solicitation […]

Don’t Do business with False Rape Accuser Cathy Tretola in Quincy Massachusetts

Louie Bee September 5th, 2012 I love how women use false allegations as a way to even the odds (sarcasm). This is what a real woman is this is the feminine energy I have to bow down to correct? For me to even fucking question this is evidence of my misogyny? I mean how fucking evil […]