Stupid Girl Responds to Currency Of Attraction Article

In response to my article The Currency Of Attraction that I posted on craigslist (read it here); I received an email from a Jenna Thompson ( The following is the back and forth email debate:

Jenna Thompson: Fuck You

Louie Bee: Truth Hurts Don’t It

Jenna Thompson: sorry Louie. It’s not the truth! Jerk!

Louie Bee: Yes it is. You just read two sentences I understand my love I don’t sugar coat anything my darling. I refuse to pussy foot around a subject. See how you are name calling sweet heart how does that disprove what I said. I’m NOT sorry baby cakes

Jenna: because not every girl is a slut who can be bought and sold. u watch too much porn

Louie Bee: Boom you did not read it you are so fucking lazy. How is about I give you the cliff notes ok sweetie? 

1. Can be bought with money (hookers, gold diggers)
2. Can be bought with Good Looking man/woman (vain, shallow)
3. Can be bought with the Bad boy persona (thinking they can change him or like Independence)
4. Can be bought with the good boy an honorable man (women who are weak and want someone to destroy)

Ok college grad do you see no matter what Women are for sale some take money some take personality some take looks You ladies can’t escape it you are all shallow and self absorbed. Don’t deny it. If you have a type of guy or girl (I don’t know these days lol) then that is the price you set for yourself.

Jenna: u need to grow up and get with the modern world.

Louie Bee: LOL you are just saying words I am with the modern world I just boiled it down to the lowest common denominator. You can’t tell me I am wrong now that I have explained it to you. You sweetheart needs to grow up. You emailed me with just Fuck You lmao and you still can’t come up with an argument to disprove what I said. Darling I hope you find yourself the owner of your dreams

Jenna: here’s my argument…. i have been with a lot of men and i have never once been bought! so there mr. smartie!

Louie Bee: Yes you have you just been bought by different types of men that didn’t work out so you were returned to just be bought by someone who has the characteristics you want then. You just don’t know what your price to keep you is.

Jenna: what? u dont make any sense! i did what i did because i wanted to. not because there was money involved

Louie Bee: Sweetie you are not paying attention I was using a metaphor. I broke it down by type. You may have not been bought by money you were bought by traits. Like you dated a guy cause he had good looks or was just a nice guy. You went with what type of guy you were looking for and what you were attracted to. So if a guy had what you were looking for and you started dating him then he essentially bought you. I don’t think you read my whole article.

Jenna: so how am i being bought if i did the choosing? and stop calling me “sweetie”. i’m an adult!

Louie Bee: Sweetie You called me a jerk and you have cursed at me I am just being polite. Because You set the “price”. You wanted a good looking guy and when one was around you accepted his good looks as payment for your time.

Jenna: ugh. ur making me sooooooooo mad

Louie Bee: I am not making you mad I am making you think. Oh and I love you too Sweetheart lol

Jenna: ugh. stop calling me sweetie and sweetheart. my name is jenna!

Louie Bee: Baby Cakes

Jenna: omg. stop! u wont learn. ur like a sexist pig! what do i have to do to get u to respect me?

Louie Bee: Well you shouldn’t have started your first email with a Fuck You or called me a jerk. You should have spoken to me as a human and not like an animal. You want respect you give respect.

Jenna: well i was so mad at what you wrote!

Louie Bee: Didn’t you read what I wrote snookums? If you did, you wouldn’t have been mad and, even if you were mad you could have spoken to me instead of attacking. And look at the difference between you and I. I could have went through the curse words for women in alphabetical order (B***H, C**T, H*E, S**T, T**T, W***E, ) but I didn’t because I wanted to educate you. I have been very nice to you Pumpkin

Jenna: ugh. u really r a jerk.

Louie Bee: Shnookums, See how much of an animal you are acting? I am being nice to you and you mistake that for disrespect.  you continue the name calling. You must not be used to not getting your way.

Jenna: yes! i get my way!

Louie Bee: Awww well there is a first time for everything Sweetie

Jenna: very funny

Louie Bee: I try baby

Jenna: i am not ur baby!

Louie Bee: LOL Yes you are your my sweetie baby bear lol

Jenna: pig

Louie Bee: LMAO Ok Honey

Jenna: my name is Jenna!

Louie Bee: I win

After that last comment she blocked me and seemed to have closed out her dummy email account. This lovely young lady hadn’t the class nor the intelligence to really understand what my article was trying to convey. Even after I simplified it she still wanted to name call and try to belittle me.

I then decided to treat her like a little girl that shouldn’t be taken seriously and just ignored because most women have nothing of value to add anyways. This was fun for me and a welcome activity dashing women’s realities which turns out weren’t realities but fantasies that they developed by being self entitled selfish whores.

We as men should stop giving women what they want without getting what we want out of a relationship. I am personally tired of the idea that men are supposed to be responsible for everything in a relationship and all a woman has to do is be there. I am tired of busting my ass for stinky sub par smelly dirty pussy. Women don’t even work hard sexually because it is our responsibility to please HER and also we are responsible for our own orgasm! WHAT THE HELL!

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