Smacking Logic Into A Female On POF

There was this silly profile on POF the other day and I had to smack her with some common sense. This is what happened.

I then sent this bitch the following message:

Here you are with a picture of you in just bra and panties and a corset which is a sexual image and you are expecting a guy not to come at you sexual. You are even looking for ” sex positive guys”, ” I’m interested in finding sexually and personally compatible people to see regularly.” Seriously, What the fuck do you expect? Don’t you understand psychology? you talk about sex 15 times. Men are hardwired for sex naturally to keep the species going. Yes we as humans have evolved so that we can ignore our lizard side and strive to be better than animals but that calling is in us. Stop playing games. You have nothing other than sex in your profile. I don’t know anything other than you just want someone who doesn’t want to act like he doesn’t want to fuck you to you fuck you. quit playing games!

Ladies you cant have it both ways. if you want sex be honest. However if you are going to put yourself out there in a sexual way do not expect a guy to speak to you nonsexually. Give us a fucking break.

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