Simple Pickup Youtube Video Exposed

The YouTube channel Simple Pickup has a video called “Picking Up Girls In A Fat Suit” meant to try

to prove that looks do not matter that Fat guys can get girls just by being confident. (video below)

They really should have really have used a real fat guy who is used to being rejected. You could tell that it was a fake fat suit. You can even tell that the girls reactions were staged. Also the “fat guy” acted like a  stupid asshole. So to be a confident fat guy I have to act like some stooge got it thanks.

Many of the comments even made the point that if it was real they should have called the numbers back to see if they were given real numbers. That has happened to me girls have given me fake numbers from

It is hard not to call bullshit on this video being a fat guy living in the real world. That shit wont work in NYC. As a fat guy I can attest to the fact that you can get really fucked up by the women here. It not just looks women here want the total package Looks, Money, Car, house, Job, Big dick. Otherwise women won’t even bother with you.

No matter how confident or nice Gabourey Sidibe was to me I am not gonna give her a chance. However if Kate Upton totally treated me like a piece of shit I’d still try to hit it. Women do not give a fuck about confidence. It is about looks. You know how many times I have seen chicks stay in abusive relationships with guys just because they were good looking. They wouldn’t stay with an abusive fat guy. Women constantly tell me that is what it is. If I had a fucking dollar for how many times a chick has told me that if I wasn’t so fat I would be treated with respect. I don’t fall for this Hollywood bullshit.

A lot of us guys wouldn’t mess with a fat chick no matter how nice she is. And a lot of chicks wont mess with fat guys no matter what unless they have severe mental issues. And I am speaking from experience. If you want a good woman you have to have it all together. I should be single till i lose the weight. Just stop spreading these lies that looks don’t matter because it does.

All this video accomplished was to try to sell $40 a month subscription for there ‘premium” how to videos on their site. I wouldn’t waste the fucking money. Bunch of young bullshit artist to trick thirst ass virgins. Here is how you get chicks:

  1. Get in shape
  2. Make more money
  3. have your own place
  4. Have a car
  5. dress good
Boom Simple.

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