Shout out to one cool chick

I like to give a huge shout out to one of the most beautiful both inside and out woman in my life. Her name is Christie “Aphrodite” Czajkowski. She is one of the most influential people to me. She has helped me to grew as a person. Taught me so many great things. She also has helped a lot of people without receiving any repayment.

She has post articles on her site to help others heal at

She really cares about others more often than not she would go without and give the last of her food to help others.

Despite all she does to help people for FREE. She has people who make up vicious lies with zero proof. All because she is so pretty they fall in love but she doesn’t play with silly little boys who have mental issues so they start stalking her,

She really is the light and a voice of reason to me. I trust her for her wisdom even though I am stupid and don’t always take it at first.

I love her so much she is my spiritual aunt. If you actually get to know her I know you will love her too.

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