Should Blacks prepare for blow back?

With the recent news of the the road rage Hollywood Stuntz Biker Gang vs the SUV driver Alexian Lien in NYC last week. We are starting to see many people on the internet not showing any compassion for the biker Edwin Mieses Jr. who might not be able to walk anymore due to his involvement in the terrorizing of Alexian Lien .and his family. According to a online poll as of Saturday, October 5th 2013 at 10:00pm Eastern 89% of people who took the poll said Alexian Lien shouldn’t be charged, he was being threatened.

Dozens of bikers rode alongside a black Range Rover on Manhattan’s West Side Highway last weekend until a biker slowed down and the vehicles bumped, police said. Video captured at the scene shows the SUV surrounded by helmeted riders.

In the video, one rider approaches the vehicle and peers into the driver’s side window. Police said others tried to damage the SUV before the driver, Alexian Lien, took off and plowed over Mieses. The bikers then chased after Lien and smashed his car window with their helmets, then pulled him from the SUV and beat him to the point where he required stitches.

Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, has said that her family’s sympathies go out to Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation. She said her husband was trying to protect her and their 2-year-old child, who was also in the car at the time.

Original Video:

I find it hilarious that the SUV driver is Asian and (aside from obvious racial joke about Asian drivers) that at first they started to claim racism. Like just because Blacks where slaves hundreds of years ago that gives Blacks the right to terrorize everyone and if anyone fights back it is racism.

This is Opie and Anthony’s take on the story:

They made the point that the only reason anyone is supporting the biker gang is because they are black. And they were intimidating people. What should a man do if hitzs family is threatened.

One of my favorite YouTuber basically said that if it was him he would have shot at them if the have a gun.

Watch that here:

Web Pro News writes that the incident took place during the unauthorized Hollywood Stuntz rally. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly described that the event was supposed to take place in Times Square on Sunday. However, the bikers were not granted a permit to keep it, due to other altercations in past years. “They drove down Broadway [with] over 1,000 motorcycles, dirt bikes, quads. […] So there was an intention to do that again this year, but because of [police] checkpoints and enforcement in the outer boroughs, they weren’t able to make it,” Kelly says. ray kelly 911 calls hollywood stuntz

The Epoch Times reported:

At a press conference held at Mamajuana Café in Inwood on Oct. 3 state Sen. Adriano Espaillat released footage shot by a diner at the café on Sept. 30. The footage shows members of Hollywood Stuntz gathered outside a gas station, riding on the sidewalks, and parked on the pavement with exhaust fumes and engine noise filling the air. “They run lights, they go on the sidewalks, they come up the opposite side of the street, they block traffic, stop traffic, they block the entire highway”” Espaillat said. Members of the gang also committed acts of violence while in Inwood, Espaillat said, including attacking a car. Dispatchers for 911 received more than 200 calls about the biker gang across the city on Sunday.

The question is now. Has the fear of being labeled a racist for every little thing gone away. Has it now begun that people are tired of blacks acting like bullies and  are now defending themselves. As evidence by the Trayvon Martin verdict? The fact that it was an Asian who it will be safe to say is not a descendant of white southern plantation slave owners. What revenge story can the black community concoct for this.

Is this the beginning of people fighting back and will this force a real discussion of race relations in this country and stop allowing ghetto ratchetness to continue no matter the skin color? I for one hope so.

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