Second Vaccination Story

I went to get my second covid vaccine and I was already annoyed because I really didn’t want to get this stupid vaccine because of everything I’ve heard about it. I just did it because my family nagged me to get it. Since I almost died 3 times in a two-year span, it makes them nervous. I’ll admit I was being a prolific dick when I was registering. I was like, this vaccine better not turn me into a gay frog, I better remain identifying as a cisgender male, I listen to Alex Jones. I was really trying to get myself kicked out. I saw how annoyed the workers were getting at my f*ucking malarkey.

so I get the damn vaccine that hopefully doesn’t kill me in 6 months. A volunteer worker was like sit and wait because it’s some law or something to see if you have any bad reaction. Which begs the question if the fucking vaccine is safe why do they need to make you wait 15 minutes? So I asked the volunteer worker, are there any armed guards here? She said no. So I was like, peace out and I walked out. I passed everyone. I passed the guard. I don’t know what the fuck he was meant to guarding but Ive taken shits thicker than him.

He was telling me I needed to show him something so I just gave him whatever little scraps of paper they handed me and put it in his hand. I was like, a happy birthday and I just kept walking. This son of a bitch followed me down the fucking block and actually grabbed on to me! He was trying to detain me. Which He can’t do. I didn’t do anything illegal and he isnt a cop.

I just kept walking with him on my arm like he was escorting me. I was getting more and more pissed off.I was saying stuff like, you’re not going to fucking detain me, I’m not white so guess what lives dont have to matter to me. I’ve never said suck my dick so many times in various different ways inm my life and I’m from Brooklyn. I was like suck my dick, suck this dick, my dick suck it. Now fuck you, leave me alone, suck my dick. I’m an American and I have rights I’m not staying here it’s bad enough I have to get this fucking vaccine suck my dick

so they ended up telling the little shit security guard to let me go. They just stopped trying to stop me. I am so fucking pissed off that they thought they could detain me. This pandemic has some people thinking that they have authority over others. I think it is totally insane to think that some karen, tyrone, think if you don’t do what they say that they can detain you, have you killed, or banned. I am tired of it. so do as I did tell him to suck your dick.

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