Screaming Preachers Are Annoying

As the weather is getting warmer in NYC what starts to come out more is, no not the rats but just as annoying is the Pentecostal street preachers. The come out with their bullhorns or P.A. systems and they yell. I mean you are on an amplified device and you’re screaming. How in the fuck am I supposed to be convinced that I should be a Christian if you’re forcing your views on me by yelling at me? To me whenever I see these scumbags I just think they are showing off. They are like “hey look at me look at me I am better than you because I have faith”.  If I can get biblical for a sec, when the Pharisees did that praying out loud in public view Jesus was like look at them they are already getting rewarded because they are serving their ego and not God. Real Christian in my opinion discreetly and tactfully preach not yell at people. If anything that turns people off to the bible. I ran into one and I decided to do something about it. I encourage everyone to do this. Just don’t put your hands on them. Just tell them they are not helping you become closer to god. I think yelling preachers make you hate god.

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