Response to John Paul Stevens

This my response to John Paul Stevens op-ed piece in The New York Times.

Speaking as someone who lives in NYC and had to defend against a knife attack from a drunk while I had a knee injury. 3 years ago being mugged at gunpoint in front of my family home in gentrified Williamsburg. Back in the 90’s when I was a kid being perfectly safe when the prostitutes and drugs dealers. I was never messed with because they knew my father. Now a bunch of assholes who probably never ever had violence touch them would never get their hands dirty tp even protect themselves. Criminals don’t fight fair they will stack the deck against you come with weapons or with friends to fuck you up for your shit. Most people are decent human beings. no matter how much they are fucked with or bullied they will never snap and try to shoot up a school. Now you want to take away my god given right to protect myself? The police have no obligation to protect me as ruled by SCOTUS.

John Paul Stevens you are a fool! You probably have armed guards to keep you nice and safe in your mansion. However, for us regular wage slaves we don’t always have the luxury to wait 40 mins for the cops to come. Then wait longer till the cops feel safe like the Parkland Sheriffs did, like the police in columbine did, and like the police in Virginia tech did! we can’t hope for a rescue from the government because its more cost effective for us to die.

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