Reasons Why Christine Quinn Shouldn’t be Mayor of NYC

Christine Quinn is a NYC Councilwoman that uses her sexuality as a political advantage. This are the reasons why Christine Quinn should not be Mayor of NYC.

The Slush Fund Scandal: Quinn allocated millions of dollars to fake charities in the City budget
and doled them out in exchange for political favors. She denied knowing about the slush funds
while simultaneously describing their use as a “long standing practice.” The public has not been
updated on the investigation launched by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Overturning Term Limits: After NYers voted twice to keep term limits and after stating
emphatically that she supports them, Quinn strong-armed the City Council to overturn term limits in
2009. Quinn was planning to run for Mayor in 2009, but the slush fund scandal destroyed her
chances. By overturning term limits, Quinn gave herself four more years in the City Council to
attempt to repair her reputation.

Assault on Democracy: Quinn has used her power and resources as Speaker to advance her
own career at the expense of the democratic process. She has served as the Mayor’s rubber
stamp at City Hall; has exerted absolute control over the city’s legislative agenda by using
discretionary funds and bonus money to control the way Council Members vote; has blocked
several bills that have a veto-proof majority of sponsors; and has undermined free speech by
rubber-stamping limits on the constitutional right to free assembly.
Campaign Finance Violations: Quinn has been exposed by the NY Times & Village Voice for
breaking campaign finance laws – from using over 30 NYC employees to do campaign work to
soliciting and/or accepting contributions from a union and real estate developers who had business
in front of the Council.

Human Rights and Animal Protections: In report cards issued by the Urban Justice Center and
the League of Humane Voters, Quinn has received the lowest scores in the City Council on human
rights and animal protection legislation. Since becoming Speaker, Quinn has not only blocked
every meaningful animal protection bill introduced at City Hall, but, in an attempt to discredit her
critics, she has also fast-tracked faux reform bills that give the impression of helping animals.
Betrayal of New Yorkers: In her quest to curry favor with Mayor Bloomberg and repay the real
estate developers and other special interests groups who have funded her campaign, Quinn has
abandoned, betrayed and lied to NYC voters. In the process, hospitals have been lost, and
neighborhoods have been overwhelmed with reckless and destructive development. As the NY
Observer stated in June 2012, “Ms. Quinn has made it clear that political calculation, not the
common good, is at the heart of her decision-making.”

We are a group of over 400 NYC residents working on a grass-roots level to vote Christine Quinn
out of public office by educating voters about her consistent record of violating the public trust. We
are not affiliated with an organization or any Mayoral candidates, and our educational outreach is
self-funded. For more information, see

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