Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Movement

Dear 9/11 Truthers,
I am Louie Bee I exposed Luke Rudkowski‘s fucking embezzlement of We Are Change donations meant for We Are Change Business and the sick and dying first responders. It was proven and looked at by strangers and that didnt even know Luke and they were convinced of his theft of funds. Yet Danny Panzella wants to give him a fucking chance to be “forgiven” so they can feel better about themselves working with him instead of holding Luke accountable.
The common fucking argument is “Well Luke has done a lot of good he deserves to be compensated”. Well when we first started going after Luke for accounting of the fucking money we said “Hey, Luke lets vote so you can take a salary. HE FUCKING SAID NO BECAUSE HE SAID IT WOULD CHEAPEN HIS WORK!!! The real reason was he didn’t want to lose soul control of the funds that were deposited into his bank account. It was in the original WAC code of conduct that there would be a monthly account report which was never ever fucking done. Danny Panzella was not there for this time. I was there I saw it first hand. So many people try to discredit me because of a fucking joke they made when I was sick as a fucking dog at a house roof party. So instead of fucking showing me any fucking kindness or even check on how I was doing to see if I needed to go to the hospital. These fucktards decided to make up a joke saying I took a shit on a roof and break my balls about it. Wow with friends like those who fucking needs enemies. This is a fucking joke they will repeat to anyone who will listen to them to try to discredit me. Because they are to pussy to even do the fucking work and be their own leader in the movement.
I was kicked out because I wouldn’t let it go. I refused to allow one of us to act like the very criminals we supposed to hate. Stealing is stealing no matter the fucking amount. Ask yourself why did many members choose to divorce themselves from Luke? When they formed WAC: NYC why they specifically made it clear in the code of conduct to distance themselves from Luke? I get asked why do I obsess over this? Hell why do you obsess over the truth behind 9/11? Are we not supposed to be better than the NWO? Are you okay with the current bullshit continuing? I am not.
During my time away from groups, I have seen many things wrong. Oh and how about we stop fucking praising Manny Badillo his is a convicted kid toucher. He wasn’t set up by the government. HE IS A SICK FUCKED UP PIECE OF SHIT!!!! Louie, Why use language like that? Oh I am sorry to harm your delicate sensibilities. I guess freedom of speech offends self righteous constitutionalist? Get over yourselves! Psychologist have studied that people who swear a lot are the most honest. In my opinion anyone who has tried to nit pick at any little thing I do as a way to prove I am a liar is a fucking coward. I heard the “oh don’t listen to Louie he is fat, or he doesn’t smoke or drink”. And my personal favorite, “he has a fucked up sense of humor”. Pfft fucking sissies.
Ladies and Gentlemen all your heroes are dead! you want someone to look up to? look in the mirror and get up and DO WORK. Everyone has an obligation to do something. Leaving it up to people like Luke Rudkowski or Alex Jones put you in a position to only hear what they want you to hear. Fuck all of you who sent death threats called me in the middle of the night with a block number in a group call to fucking intimidate me having the nerve to call yourselves men. You have no honor nor valor because you would rather try to scare me than actually do your own work? I have been right all along. Alex and Luke and those that want to take it light on them deserve no forgiveness only ostracization. THAT IS WHY THIS MOVEMENT IS STAGNANT!
P.S. Danny Roldan, and Danny Panzella should worry about raising their families and doing right by them instead of disrespecting me and worrying how I pursue wrong doing. Because at the end of the fucking day. I am doing what is right. I am not hurting anyone except those who are affected by me exposing wrong doing. If you are pissed at what I do then you should be looking at yourself and fix whatever fucked up about you and stop projecting your bullshit on me because you haven’t the balls to go as hard as I will.

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