One man can make a difference.

One man can make a difference.

When Sean Keefe found out he was not the biological father of a boy he thought was his son, he decided to take a stand.

“But it’s not about child support; it’s about alimony.” Keefe says outright that, whatever the boy’s parentage, he’s the one who’s raised him, he’s the one the boy thinks of as his father, and he’ll remain just that – an active, caring dad. That includes paying court-ordered child support.

Fine. What Sean Keefe said he would no longer pay is alimony to a woman who lied to him, lied to his son, lied to the other man and lied to the court.

And when Sean Keefe says something, he means it.

He’s pleaded his case in two separate family courts and lost in both.

But Sean Keefe still refused to pay. Each month he wrote a child support check but refused to pay alimony.

When Sean Keefe refused to pay his ex a dime more, that’s when a judge sentenced him a six-months in jail. Sean said he didn’t care if it was six years, he would never pay alimony out of principle.

Meanwhile, Keefe’s situation and his refusal to set aside his principles and the stout work of his new wife Caroline got the attention of West Virginia state senators.

Senate Bills 502 and 503 were introduced by State Senators Donna Boley and David Nohe. passed in April of this year, the new laws allowed courts to terminate child support where DNA evidence supports the claim that a person did not biologically father a child and banned alimony where there is proof of an affair in the married relationship.

Sean Keefe is a Men’s Rights hero.

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