NYPD spies on Social Media to fight crime

After a resounding success last month in hauling in 49 alleged gang members using evidence posted to Facebook, the New York Police Department announces its plans to expand its online investigative department.

According to the Associated Press, the department’s commissioner Raymond Kelly announced today that the NYPD will fortify its social media sleuthing and double the size of its gang unit up to 300 investigators.

“By capitalizing on the irresistible urge of these suspects to brag about their murderous exploits on Facebook, detectives used social media to draw a virtual map of their criminal activity over the last three years,” Kelly said at a law enforcement convention, according to the Associated Press.
he NYPD nabbed the 49 gangsters after monitoring their Facebook posts and status updatesfor three years. The suspects hailed from two warring gangs, the “Rockstarz” and the “Very Crispy Gangsters” (VCG). As the two gangs fought over turf, they increasingly brought their threats, taunting, and grandstanding to Facebook.

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