New York Medical Career Training Center Is A Waste Of Money

New York Medical Career Training Center is a waste of money and they should be ashamed at the low quality education they provide. I started the program the  Medical Billing and Coding with Medical Office for 5 weeks. From the very beginning I was given the run around. Dr. Nand and Mr. Jose Bustello were a tag team of bullshitters.

First sign up
second class lateness
third certificate late
fourth internship

I was told that internship is guaranteed but Dr Nand didn’t have to assign people internships. Which they make people sign after they have gotten your money.  Even though its part of the sales pitch. I didn’t know anything about the Medical Billing and Coding field.  I first thought it was very easy since I studied hard and got good grades.

When I went to the interview for internship I was basically laughed out of the place. I was told by the interviewer that the place is a fucking joke, that they usually don’t take students from New York Medical Career Training Center because you can not learn jack shit in 5 weeks. I couldnt code and wasn’t not totally solid on my terminology.

When I told the interviewer that I received good grade I got “pfft so did everyone else”. I asked Dr. Nand should I take a resume to the interview. He told me I didn’t need it.  The interviewer ended up asking for my resume and my degree. By the end of the interview I realized I was totally unprepared to work in this field.

When I went to another school I realized my education with New York Medical Career Training Center was lacking. it is a certificate mill and will not prepare you for a job in medical billing and coding.

Even the Certification exam Medca they hock is unheard of. It is basically another way for this school to get more money out of the students.
New York Medical Career Training Center
36-09 Main Street 5th Floor Flushing, NY 11354 (718) – 460 – 1717,  (718) – 460 – 4096
500 8th Ave New York NY 10018 Tel: (212) – 947-4444

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