New Allegations of Gender violence Against Portland Antifa Troll Luis Marquez

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 Our favorite Antifa Troll Luis Marquez, 48 has new allegations of gender violence and being a police informant new tweets reveal. He uses his “position of powewre” to ruin his comrades activist activities. He denies even his own people 

Gender-based violence (GBV) refers to any act done to someone against their will as a result of gender-norms, and unequal power relationships. The perpetrators of GBV are predominantly men, and the victims are most frequently women. Older people, younger girls, those with disabilities, or those from ethnic minorities or the LGBTI community are often more vulnerable to being targeted and may experience higher rates of violence. Forms of abuse can range from physical, emotional and sexual to the outright denial of freedom, resources and services.

Cop Jacketing,  snitchjacketing or badjacketing isn’t an east coast term. it refers to someone calling someone an informant or a “snitch” to out them from a group. the FBI and other law enforcement groups use real informants to plant evidence on people that they may be a snitch to then create infighting or a witch-hunt. it also makes it difficult for those referred to as snitches, who are in-fact snithes, to work within the movement they come from, because people are weary of such a rumor possibly being true.

Luis Marquez has a alleged history of victimizing and bullying female activist. He later admits to it by blaming being on psychotropic drugs. 


This next tweet establishes that Luis Marquez has a history of bullying women on his side. Thus disrespecting their agency. He keeps trying to sweep his shit under the rug. 

How can we take any of these people seriously? They are who they accuse us of being. They victimize the most vulnerable. Luis Marquez will throw his imaginary authority around to intimidate women. He continues to pro e his  cowardice.  The problem is he isnt the only predator in Antifa it is a culture of predatory behavior in the organization. I will be exposing other such predators and the people who protect these monsters. 

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