My weight loss progress

I am finally starting to drop the pound on my way to becoming a stronger fully powered Louie Bee. I am working on Mind Body and attitude.


My Goals are to lose the last 50-60 pounds bring me down to 180-170 but not just lighter but stronger I am going back into training in the martial arts. I am going to start juicing and get all my veggies in one glass. The trick I research is to buy what is in season. That way you cut the chances of getting GMO stuff. 

I am also Trikking I been getting stronger by fighting the steep hills and being stubborn about my limits. I will get stronger. 

Trikke Scooter

I am also sticking to a strict 1800 calorie a day 60 carb per meal diet and that has improved my blood sugar 

I went from a size 50 to a size 44 and from 3xl shirts to 2xl shirts that is huge change and that was from me dropping 20 lbs
I am really feeling great and nothing and no one will ever affect my peace again.

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