My Review Of “The United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation”

I just started reading this book “The United States Constitution A Graphic Adaptation” and I have to tell you its a great read.

It breaks down our nation’s cornerstone principles using comic book story telling. I have to say it is very educational and very enjoyable to read. Every Libertarian patriot parent should get this for their children to help teach the ideal of their country and to see how far gone our country has went.

Spirited and visually witty, it roves article by article, amendment by amendment, to get at the meaning, background, and enduring relevance of the law of the land.

The United States Constitution answers all of these questions. Sure to surprise, challenge, and provoke, it is hands down the most memorable introduction to America’s founding document.

What revolutionary ideas made the Constitution’s authors dare to cast off centuries of rule by kings and queens? Why do we have an electoral college rather than a popular vote for president and vice president? How did a document that once sanctioned slavery, denied voting rights to women, and turned a blind eye to state governments running roughshod over the liberties of minorities transform into a bulwark of protection for all?

This Book reminded me and clarify what I am fighting for and what my responsibilities are as a citizen of the United States Of America. It made it easy to retain the information  to recall it to explain where the politicians have went wrong.

I highly recommend this book and if you want to purchase it please use this link its at the cheapest price anywhere and you help support me. Click Here!

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