My oath As a Masulinist

I am Louie Bee, Comedian And Defender of Masculinity,
I am a Man and I swear this oath;
I am a Man before I am all other things,
All Men are Men,
All Men are good,
All Men are worthy,
All Men are my Brothers,
My Brothers I will cherish, love, uphold and protect before all others,
I promise to recognize, challenge, reduce and eliminate
all forms of misandry directed towards myself and my Brothers
in thought, feeling, word and deed
including internalized misandry,
and so I do hereby affirm
in the name of Louie Bee, Comedian And Defender of Masculinity,
to remain steadfast to this,
my most solemn oath
so help me Jehovah,
Peschena Eiwa Paquaia.

What is a masculinist?

It is the belief that all men deserve freedom, respect, dignity and love. 

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