Misandry in the New York City Subway

Louie Bee
April 12, 2012

There is a video going viral of a man and women exchanging kicks on the NYC subway and a man nonchalantly moving in between them while eating something. “Snackman” as he has been nicknamed is being lauded as a hero. This is my commentary. The video starts by a woman beating on a man and then he turns around and kicks her off. The thing that got me sick about this is that is when people got offended. No one tried to stop it when a woman is beating on the man. Yet when he strikes back that is when the other train passengers had a problem and voiced their non-consent. However she starts kicking him again and again and, he just covers up to block her blows. A second woman comes and starts to tell the man not to hit her. I am like Excuse me bitch don’t you see she kept on the attack and he was trying to get her off him. And of course the violent cunt is accusing him saying don’t follow me. This is the cop out western bitches say so they can be viewed as a victim and still be the aggressors. Notice how the second woman is telling the man to get off the train to wait for the next one. The first bitch attacks him he defends himself yet she feels like she is threatened and he has to just stay hit and has to get off the train and get to his destination late? Fuck female entitlement!

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