Mercedes Carrera’s Life is in Danger in Jail


Louie Bee

September 21, 2021

Mercedes Carrera, spoke with me on the phone from jail. Mercedes Carrera called me from the West Valley Detention Center. She was in quarantine after contracting COVID-19 after the jail placed an infected homeless woman in her cell. Mercedes said, that the homeless woman refused to bathe for several days. This was because she did not want to wash away the smell of her boyfriend off her body. 

During quarantine, she contracted anemia. The medical facility prescribed her iron pills that caused issues with Mercedes heart. She complained about not feeling well they then switched her to  liquid IV. The liquid IV gave Mercedes the same complications.  Mercedes has a family history of heart problems.

Mercedes believes that she has developed Autoimmune hemolytic Anemia.  Autoimmune hemolytic anemia occurs when your immune system makes antibodies that attack your red blood cells. This causes a drop in the number of red blood cells, leading to hemolytic anemia. This can cause iron toxemia, which could be fatal as well. The jail medical facility refuses to give Mercedes a direct anti-globulin test (DAT) for the Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Mercedes is facing a no win situation, either she dies via iron poisoning or from the non treatment. The direct anti-globulin test (DAT)t determines whether red blood cells (RBC’s) circulating in the bloodstream covered with antibodies. Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Emergency department who are in charge of the medical care of the jail.  Ironically enough this department headed by Mercedes Carrera’s, second ex-husband Doctor Louis Tran This may be a direct conflict of interest and could be seen as her ex-husband trying to kill her.

WEB ONLY Tran Dr. Louis Tran 08 05 21 7073
Doctor Louis Tran, Mercedes Carrera’s Ex Husband head of the Triage of the jail that Mercedes is at.

To break it down

  1. The state knows that they have no case, so they  keep pushing her trial date to force her to settle and plead guilty to bogus charges.
  2. Her baby father, the one who is pressing said bogus charges, might be in contact with her 2nd husband, Doctor Louis Tran.
  3. Doctor Louis Tran is head of the triage of the same jail Mercedes is at.
  4. She may have been purposely infected with COVID-19 that  caused her anemia.
  5. Mercedes is not getting proper medical care.
  6. San Bernardino is notorious for violating the rights of prisoners.

This is a clear violation of her civil rights and could fall under cruel and unusual punishment.

To help Mercedes Carrera, please call The West Valley Detention Center and demand that she get proper medical care at (909) 708-8371

Call Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and report Doctor Louis Tran obvious conflict of interest in being in charge of his ex-wife’s medical care at (909) 580-1000

Mercedes said, “Let it be stated for the record that, if I die, I did not commit suicide new or overdosed on fentanyl or any other illicit substance. Rather, of medical malfeasance and neglect on the part of West Valley Detention Center”.

Write to Mercedes and send her your well-wishes or as a reference to your complaints to the jail.

SMITH, MELINDA A 1902340095

***UPDATE 9/23/21***

We did it, Mercedes called me and updated me that she was able to get to speak to a doctor and has taken her off the iron treatment that was not working. She will now get the proper tests to see what type of anemia she has. Keep the pressure going to make sure she stays safe and gets a proper, fair trial.

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